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For over 25 years, The Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia has been the primary source of healthcare for Central & South Georgia children providing the highest quality, personalized, and child-friendly pediatric care in our region. We provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care with a highly trained pediatric staff to care for patients and their families.

The Children’s Hospital is a 112-bed hospital that serves children, infant to 18 years of age from over 29 primary Central and South Georgia counties.  As the only dedicated children's facility between Atlanta, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida, The Children's Hospital offers an array of over 30 pediatric subspecialists from Pediatric Surgery to Pediatric Cardiology. The Children's Hospital partners with Mercer University School of Medicine as a teaching hospital where residents learn pediatric medicine. The Children's Hospital expands quality healthcare beyond The Medical Center of Central Georgia walls. Outreach services include the Children's Health Center, The Crescent House, Hope For Kids (Hematology & Oncology), Children's Hospital Outpatient Services, pediatric & neonatal transport services and much more.  We provide children and their families high quality outpatient care close to home.

Children are not just small adults, their health care needs are different.  At The Children’s Hospital we bring service excellence and experience to care for kids when they need it the most.

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To serve as a regional healthcare resource for children in Central and South Georgia by providing comprehensive patient care and disease prevention in collaboration with the medical staff and community agencies, including age appropriate health education to children, parents, and healthcare practitioners.


That children's healthcare and educational services will be of the highest quality and delivered in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of the child and family unit.

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2014 Board of Directors:

Ken Saitow

Martie Banks
Erin Bickley
Jennifer Butler
Kris Cutright
Jason Delves
Witt Gaither
Lisa Gaton
Les Jones
Craig Leachman
Debbie Liipfert
Melanie Marshall
George McCallum
Rebecca McKelvey
Obioha Okoro, M.D.
Robin Otto
Helen Smith-Emeritus
Oscar Spivey, MD – Emeritus
Catherine Staton
Julia Tiller
Mary Tiller
Stewart Vernon
Lally Weaver
Logan Persons-Weaver
Billy Wells
Eric Wilson

Cyndee Adams, RN
Edward Clark, M.D.
Rebecca Cogburn, RN
Dawn Cole, RN
Aimee Lowery, RN
Anthony Pearson-Shaver, MD
Mitch Rodriguez, MD
Penny Windham, RN
Missi Upshaw

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In 1985 Dr. Oscar Spivey, Chairman of Pediatrics at Mercer University School of Medicine, and Dr. Frank Boyer, Chief of Pediatrics at The Medical Center of Central Georgia began discussions concerning the need for a hospital for children in Macon. Over the past few years a concept, established by Vanderbilt University Hospital, of a "Children's Hospital within a Hospital" has developed. This allows for hospitals to develop administrative lines to function more efficiently, without overlapping of services, to meet the special needs of children with unique problems. Dr. Spivey discussed the possibility of establishing such an institution with the administration of The Medical Center of Central Georgia and after searching the area decided to visit such an institution which most closely paralleled the medical environment and needs of the Macon, Middle and Central Georgia areas.

In November of 1986 Dr. Bowyer and Dr. Spivey visited the "Children's Hospital" at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina. The hospital is a City County Hospital servicing the needs of indigent and private patients operating under an Authority similar to the circumstances in Macon and Bibb Bounty.

They were both tremendously impressed by the rapport among the personnel, the standards of care, and above all the institution. The Children's Hospital within a Hospital at Richland Memorial had dramatically taken giant steps forward establishing special services and programs for children and young people. The strongest impression given was the enthusiastic community support and involvement. Meetings with community leaders were impressive in that they all strongly supported and were positively involved in the on-going operation of the Children's Hospital.

In December 1986, a Letter of Support for the establishment of a Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia was written and signed by all of the Pediatricians in Macon. This was presented to the Hospital authority by Dr. Spivey in early 1987 and had led to an administrative set up pattered after that at Vanderbilt's Hospital and that at Richland Memorial in Columbia.

The establishment of these administrative guidelines have led to the proposed establishment of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and a new pediatric wing of The Medical Center with 32 beds with the potential of expansion to 64 beds if the need is warranted. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is to undergo a much needed expansion. There will also be a 4 room unit in the Emergency Center designated for pediatrics patients.

It is the hope that with The Medical School and the Children's Hospital that we may attract other special physicians particularly in the area of intensive care, neonatology, and hematology/oncology (cancer).

These are exciting developments and will no doubt improve the facilities and programs for the needs of children in this area.

The Macon pediatricians are involved in the ground work of developing the Children's Hospital and are very optimistic about its success, but, desperately needs the input of concerned citizens of this and surrounding communities. It is an opportunity to develop a real fist class facility to meet the needs of small children in this area. It is our hope that you will help us.

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888 Pine Street • Macon Georgia Phone: (478) 633-KIDS

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